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SW500-Swing door

Product advantage
1.Door will close by spring in case of power failure
2.Especially suit for Fire-rated door
3.Microprocessor provides precise position control and speed control
4.SW500 is a Microprocessor swing door openner,characteristic as Self monitoring , smoothly moving,speed adjustable,low noise widely use in entrance project, especially suite for fire-rated door

Download Instructions

Swing door technical datas

Szie :990*114*124mm(W*H*D)

Voltage :110V/220V

Power:Standby  power 13W Rated power87W

Max torque:50Nm

Open angle:10?-95 ?adjustable

Holding time:2.5-30s adjustable

Openning speed:3-9s adjustable

Closing speed:3-9s adjustable



SW500-Swing door

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